Drivers of the Month – November, 2017

foto drivers

November Driver of the month has been split between 2 highly qualified & dedicated men.

Mr. Manuel Hendricks has been working with Yellow Cab for 17 years who enjoys being an independent driver. On a regular day Manuel is up with the birds chirping with Airport Runs, Folks getting to work or Students running errands to evening adventures with his customers off to Dinner, Movies or Tally Night life. Yellow Cab is so grateful for Mr. Hendricks being our die hart driver!

Thank You!

Mr. Al Thomas is a 3 year expert with Yellow Cab. Another one who enjoys being an independent driver knowing if he wants to work in the morning, afternoon or evening it is all up to him with us being behind him to make his day run smoother & successful. He is one that keeps his car running when he needs to come to the office, gets his business done and poof he’s gone again.

Yellow Cab thanks you Mr. Thomas!

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